It's neither right nor left
Must act for a better future

Number of solutions collected
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Our model

1. Collecting tens of thousands of proposals for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from 9 million civilians

2. A professional team will process the proposals and combine them to create a practical solution

3. The team will build a number of relevant and practical proposals for resolving the conflict

4. The solutions will be exposed to the public, and will require the government to act on the issue to promote a solution to the conflict


70 years, and we have not been able to move forward in solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and today it seems more hopeless than ever, without a solution or a desire to make progress on the issue. We are certain that if humans came to the moon, invented airplanes, an autonomous car, and more, we can find a practical, relevant, correct solution to this conflict. Apparently 120 Knesset members are not enough and we all need to mobilize 9 million to solve the conflict. Do not downplay your value, your offer may advance us to a better future. Hope you submitted your offer by email at the top.