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The New State Solution

A Conflict Ending Alternative to the Status Quo

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The Palestinians have nothing to lose in Gaza and because of this they are shooting at us and the region with instability, must develop them financially by establishing only international factories (so that they will not do terrorist attacks) on the fence, giving them livelihoods and what to lose, reducing terrorism and promoting the possibility of discourse to promote a solution.

- Dana from Ashdod

Humanity first of all, equalization between parties, one country.

- Badia from Um El Fachem

There is no solution. Should stay that way

- Shmuel from Hevron

The unity of the people will lead to outward power, the problem is first and foremost us.

- Daniel from Tel Aviv

There are no clear boundaries, so there is no consensus within the people on the territories and this is the source of the problem and does not allow for progress in the discourse to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Thinking of a partial / complete solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must exclude religion !!!

- Itzik from Kriat Gat

Producing positive propaganda (brainwashing) for humanity, human photography, and camaraderie, on all of the PA crossings that exist in the country.

- Roni from Mevasert Zion

I believe that the problem lies in the unconsciousness and the distant thing that creates hatred, opacity and inability and a desire to find a solution.

- Moshe from Rishon Le'Zion

2 states for 2 peoples, settlement blocs in our territory, exit from small settlements and defining clear boundaries and complete separation.

- Yotam from Jerusalem

Must help bereaved families on 2 sides to help explain to each party that must choose the way of life and not the way of death! When it comes from a painful and real place it will make a difference.

- Kobi from Tel Aviv


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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has existed for about 100 years since the establishment of the state The protracted conflict is costing painful victims and many resources We have become cynical: the parties have given up on the situation and we all already accept it as it is. - But not all is lost. We are a group of people who believe that the situation can be changed and that the solution can be resolved Our vision is to harness the wisdom of the people, the wisdom of the masses And gather a large number of creative ideas for resolving the conflict.

Our model

1. Collecting tens of thousands of proposals for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from 9 million civilians

2. A professional team will process the proposals and combine them to create a practical solution

3. Implementing the solutions in collaboration with the government.


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